It’s Thursday November 1st!

Anyway, customary November joke out the way, I had a haircut today and took my daughter to the opticians.

She has an astigmatism which can be corrected by glasses but I was very sad because it turns out it’s making it hard for her to concentrate and affecting her reading, which I hadn’t expected.

Also the optician had some crazy electric handheld gizmo that took about two seconds to tell her I have been getting more headaches because my prescription is TOO STRONG and when I said Specsavers said it was fine two months back I got a ‘harrumph’.

Needless to say this place was NOT specsavers and that was $500 AUD of glasses I just bought for my girl. But now I am going to have to go there. :grimacing:

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:white_check_mark: got my notice of marriage yesterday
:white_check_mark: handed in the notice on my house
:no_entry: Works insane and i have been to London or Ipswich 4 times in the last week
:no_entry: Lots of friends struggling with their mental health.


Congrats on the good bits dude


:white_check_mark: got the flat to myself tonight, might pizza
:white_check_mark: also might go the the Barb library at lunch

:no_entry: it’s raining I’m gonna get wet
:no_entry: back spasms ffs

:sunglasses: Today is my Friday
:unamused: Work is going to be awful today
:upside_down_face: Men are coming to the house today, which always really upsets the dog.

:green_heart: today starts 21 days of happy!

:green_heart: WFH cause I don’t feel 100% but looking for the pos rather than then neg


:white_check_mark: R woke me up early so we haven’t had to rush around getting ready for preschool.
:white_check_mark: Lidl toy day.
:x: Raining really heavily :umbrella:
:x: R woke me up really early :sleeping:

Well that’s a fucking relief! :grinning::+1:
I read recently that dr oetker is an £11billion pound a year company, that’s a fuck tonne of pizzas.


:no_entry: My head’s spinning
:no_entry: Boy, I’m in a daze
:no_entry: I feel isolated
:no_entry: Don’t wanna communicate
:white_check_mark: I’ll take a shower, I will scour
:white_check_mark: I will rub
:white_check_mark: To find peace of mind
:white_check_mark: The happy mind I once owned, yeah

Happy All Saints Day! :dancer:


That’s incredible, I mean their pizza is soooo shit!


I don’t wanna fall out with you laelfy but I have :fu:


no u


Too late, you liked my post, that means you agree with me


+ Proper excited about the Dis State label night
+ Got my first call with someone tomorrow about a potential job (and they got in touch with me first)
- Can’t fine the receipts for the £700 of hotels I need to expense today
- TV is away until Saturday evening

If you give the hotels a call they’ll normally email you a copy of the receipt - I’ve had to do this a lot


:white_check_mark: It’s my day off!
:no_entry: I’m going into work anyway
:white_check_mark: Cos it’s free parking in town
:no_entry: And I need to go to Ikea
:no_entry: But the MD is visiting
:white_check_mark: We have a new product launch on Monday
:white_check_mark: I really want to get some tidying done back of house
:white_check_mark: Brownie points
:no_entry: I’m fucking insane aren’t I?

- got to speak to strangers on the phone

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Laelfy’s Expenses Ltd will do that for you, for a 5% cut


One of them was in the SS I think I read.

Edit. Just googled. Yes they were but the company appear to have owned it well

It’s Thursday, which is nearly Friday. And the meetings I’ve got today are the good, positive, constructive kind.

I’m going to speak to the person I fell out with yesterday and clear the air. I think sometimes you can gain ground by first conceding a little ground.

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