It’s Tuesday, it’s me, and we’re flying! (daily)

Off to the airport I go at this disgusting hour

Come on all you early birds



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What’s today hold for ya RT

Got to be up in less thsn 2 hours and I’ve had no sleep due to a pulled muscle (?) and panic attacks

Dunno, but I’m feeling ropey. Picked up a tummy bug. So that’s nice.

:frowning: be good to yourself

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Anyone still in bed by 6am’s an arsehole, frankly.

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Hope you’re asleep now♥️

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Magpies have had me up since 5.30. They’re still screaming. Very effective psychological torture.

Definitely got a double dose of tonsillitis. Just finished one dose of antibiotics on friday and it is already worse than it was before.

Got doctor’s later but need to suffer through a morning of work first.

On the bright side hopefully I’ll get the right medicine and I’ll feel a wee bit better for big football tomorrow. Off to hampden and looking forward to it… A LOT.

Suffered a bereavement yesterday. Devastated. Sad. Want mcdonalds breakfast. On couch under blanket while child 1 plays minecraft Nd child 2 watches gabbys dollhouse and I fume about a fucking crossword.

So sorry for your loss Sheeldz. There’s nothing worse x


Morning chums.

Job for today is sitting in the cab of a train drawing a map of the railway. That cartography module I did at uni finally paying dividends.

Was going to cycle in but it’s grey and drizzly and I’ve no idea where my waterproof jacket is, so the train it will be. Gives me chance to find out which of the two nearby stations is actually the closest at least


Just heating up some leftover apple puff pancake in the oven. Already heard Coldcut’s Timber on 6music this morning. About to go abroad for the first time since Feb 2020. Flying to Zaragoza for price reasons, where I’m reliably informed, it’s HOT.


Got a sore back for no discernible reason. Guess I’m officially old.

Just been asked, with a completely straight face “Do you need ice-cream with this?” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Do I need ice-cream with this?

  • Of course you need ice-cream with this!
  • Why live your best life, just eat it plain

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I literally cannot think of a job that I would like more.


Might finally start driving the things in another 2 or 3 weeks!


Got a flight at 6am a week on Friday! Kill me, now.

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