It’s Wednesday AND February

morning all,

Strike day today also so horrible flashbacks to covid it is with wfh and two kids charging around. Bit older now though so not as bad. Got them this morning and then they’re off to a friends later so may take them and the dog to the picket line on the way.

otherwise, work is overbearing but can only do what i can do i guess. just feel im letting folks down.

Trying to see my friend and her baby but we keep clashing with commitments so its proving hard and that’s really frustrating. Shit life always gets i the way of good life.

Have fun out there fools

t’ra a bit

Was in the pub after work last night with some colleagues and one of them said basically this, and me, after half a pint:

“Strike action is supposed to be disruptive!”

Only joined PCS like two weeks ago, didn’t I


oh im not even a teacher! i just feel generally like im letting everyone down!

im the same when talking to others about the strikes. Our parents whats app went very quiet (in fact, i think that was the last response!) after everyone was moaning about what a pain the strike was and i put a fist in and said i was all for it. let them cause carnage!

Are some trains running?

Got up early to try to see the comet. Didn’t. Went back to bed, woke up really dizzy. Feel like the comet might have cursed me somehow.

Not much work to do and I’m in no fit state to do any business development stuff, so if anyone asks,



Yeah very limited number. I think my choices to be home for lunch were 7:30 or 10.

London: the sun has risen


Antibiotics, no drinking for 5 days - fine result. Good I have no plans for this week anyway


I didn’t join in time for this as it felt a bit rich doing so only to immediately benefit from it :smiley: which I think is totally backwards thinking as the more strikers the better, but hey

Do plan to join this month anyway though, another one of those ridiculous to-dos that have taken me literal years to get round to

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I’m hoping I won’t need to - but I’ll definitely consider it if things start feeling really dicey.

Solidarity :fist:

Morning all. Feeling rather tired as I failed at sleep for most of the night. So a fairly slow work day ahead but will drag myself out for a walk and maybe a book browse to find a few presents.

Think I’m going to plan out a few tasks and things to get sorted in February as felt like January was was a whole lot of nothingness.

I feel a bit sorry for the head at Jimbo’s school, who’s in a different union to most of the teachers, who actually voted to strike, for that union only took postal votes and because of mail strikes they didn’t reach quoram, so she’s had to go into work

Merry Brookside Day!

Fig is just constantly wandering around searching for a particular lost pom pom, despite having about 45 identical ones in his bed. Has to be this one today, human, I’m afraid. Can’t rest until I’ve searched every inch of the flat :male_detective:

Going to take M to a school pals for a bit so I can get some work done.

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New month, new flooring.

The carpet fitters are here putting our new carpet into our living room.

Room looked twice the size last night once we’d taken all the furniture out.

Its Smudge’s first time on our 1st floor, as he’s in our lounge to keep him out of the way. Practically it just means he’s on a different sofa.

Wife hustled me into the car when she went to drop A to creche this morning. Didn’t question it, thought she wanted company. Turns out she forgot I was WFH so was trying to drop me into the office as well.

Back home now, listening to all the albums the Source gave five mics too.

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Yeah, my wife is in the NASUWT who didn’t hit the strike threshold. So she’s gone in today. But it all virtual lessons and the vast majority of kids are at home

I think with all these things there’s minimum thresholds, and some kids who have to be taught in schools, so I’m guessing that’s what they’ll be covering, and reading the messages it’s obvious that all the staff at the school support the strike. Just an awkward position to be in

I don’t think this applies to all schools. I emailed in support of the strikes but also asked if there were any provisions in place for non-salaried parents who don’t get paid if they don’t go to work, what with 4 strike dates coming up in quick succession. And they didn’t even respond to me. Was pretty annoyed as I was trying to support them and find answers for the poorest families who it will have a big impact on and I don’t think it’s unreasonable at all to ask about this. But as it’s largely rich families there they tend to ignore the rest.

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I think at Jimbo’s school it’s for SEN kids, but don’t quote me on that. Maybe I’ve got it all wrong. My other half is forgoing a day of work too - she’s basically told all her clients that anything will have to be put off until later this week, which is fine if you’re able to do that, but we appreciate how lucky we are that she can.

Solidarity with the workers, but let’s hope this one day of action kicks the government into line and starts approving decent pay rises

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Absolutey, solidarity, just always the way that the rich kids can afford to go to a nanny or whatever but the poor families suffer. This is directed at the tories NOT the teachers who I fully support <3