It’s Wednesday in the evening

What are you doing?

Got dinner in the oven, watching Schitt’s Creek and recovering from a very weird therapy session.


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Need to put the bins out later. Nothing much else apart from that I’m afraid.

Went for a nice little walk earlier, then we sat in my parents’ garden for a bit. Not done much else. Got a Brian Harvey Special for tea and probably gonna watch some more Superstore.

went for a run, ate a burrito. watching armindi iannucco.

that should last me up til about 7:45. no plans after that… :eyes:

Cooking a Jamie cauliflower tikka massala amd listening to that phoebe bridgers.

Silly toddler had her 7th negative covid test today so we had that plus the joy of working with her at home. Exhausted.


bought a litter picker and went out litter picking earlier. never felt more like roy cropper in my life
there’s loads though and it’s quite fun so might do bits every time i go out, got a bag full in like 10 mins

playing skribbl now here’s the room if anyone wants in skribbl - Free Multiplayer Drawing & Guessing Game


Isn’t it masterchef tonight?


:roll_eyes: going to start Misfits.

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Oh and drinking wine under a blanket because this is what I like to do every evening now.


I’m choosing to imagine you mean you’ve built yourself a den in the living room.

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this mess we’re in and oooohhhhh

i do some litter picking round the park sometimes when i’m playing frisbees (not as much as i should)

feels good. if you want to earn the admiration of pensioners, it’s the sure-fire way to go.


Not far off tbh

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Can’t handle being conscious atm

Need to fall asleep

So very good.

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Mostly playing Monster Hunter. Off work for four days now.

Probably play some Monster Hunter then too.

Cooked a katsu curry, going to watch Saw IV

Made braised tofu and it is so spicy but I’m having a great time with it.