It’s Wednesday.

Hi! It’s Wednesday today.

Greetings from Hoogy HQ


I’m on holiday. All day, every day




Still extremely grumpy about covering for a colleague’s ridiculousness past ten last night.

No great plans for today, other than moaning.

Oh no wait it’s big daddy gigabyte internet upgrade day! Going to download so many… work files once that’s done.

Never give colleagues your personal number

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Morning all!

I was on a very remote picket line this morning - two people who were supposed to be there, someone from Socialist Worker who always comes out in solidarity and a lady walking her dog.


My work intranet is down. Just sat eating toast staring

That’s my usual policy, but he had it from a work trip once where my work phone wasn’t working (my own fault, couldn’t be arsed getting it fixed) and has now abused it.

Morning. Can’t stop listening to various classic west coast rap songs on repeat.


Hello. I might buy a bed and mattress today for my new flat (once I’ve got that delivered I can properly move in there).

Unrelated: Just remembered the time I had tonsillitis, hives and a UTI all at the same time a few years ago. No idea where the hives came from, never had them before or since. But the week before I’d exhausted myself so bad (exam, running a decent sized event singlehandedly, interview for a job I really wanted) that my immune system was probably on its last legs.

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Started work at 5.30. Sat drinking coffee until 7.45. Couple of hours work and now on break for another hour and a half.

Didn’t realise quite how much of this job would be spent in break rooms.

Turning into another nice day and should be home at 3ish so want to try and get out on my bike for a bit when I get home, to make it 400km for the month, but not sure if I’ll be arsed.

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Morning. Not feeling it today but the suns out so going to try. Got a meeting in 10 so have to give it a go!

Kinda envious of these french folks spending 40 days in a cave. Sounds like a good way to avoid the world

(i would in no way fancy doing this for real!)

So - crazy cave experiment where you have to go live in a cave with no clocks or natural light for 40 days…

  • 40 days, no sunlight, no clocks…i could do 80 sign me up
  • I could do 40 but would be on the edge by the end
  • Would give it a go but think i’d crumble
  • 40 days in a cave!? Get to fuck, i’d rather be sitting at home in my pants

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Pretty interested to see the results mind

Block the colleagues number.

Changed my number a couple of years ago because I was getting work calls on it.
If I’m meeting someone socially for work I’ll take my work phone and they can get hold of me on that. Pain in the arse carrying 2 phones but it’s better than them ringing me on a Saturday or something


I could listen to the bridge and chorus of Buffalo Stance on repeat for hours, it’s perfect. Just not the WOT IS 'E LIIIIKE??? WOT’S 'E LIKE ANYWAY??? bit :grimacing:


absolutely could not do that, have you seen The Descent (2005, dir. Neil Marshall)

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If I can have my Switch and a charger then I’d be well up for it

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This is what i want to be when i grow up

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I never think anything through though. My initial thought would be “sure, why not?” until I actually got there and within minutes it’d turn into:

Oh, you have to do it with 13 others. Ahm oot.