It’s World Fuck Day (Thurs Filth)


oh boy!




does this mean I should get the candles out tonight

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Daggers fucks candles pass it on.


Fuck a duck

I used to have a t-shirt which said fcuk on it.

It was witty because, you see, fcuk was the abbreviation for the company

French Connection United Kingdom

where as at a glance, you could mistake it for the word fuck.

The comedy lay in that moment of outrage where you thought someone was proudly displaying an obscene slogan on their clothing, but then quickly realised that, in fact, it was an innocuous company name abbreviation.

The journey from outrage to acceptance was one which took the observer on an emotional journey, and resulted in a great amount of respect aimed at the wearer of the item, and how clever they were with their choice of outfit.

Of course, you couldn’t have that nowadays with the “PC brigade”.


I was gonna a do a serious book day thread, dont think I can now.

Is this the filth thread

It sure is!

These days you’ll get arrested and thrown in jail just for wearing a fcuk t-shirt


Alright Trent Reznor

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Read a Palahniuk story about that, no thanks

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So, for World Fuck day why don’t we all say a little bit about our all time favourite fuck

It can be one of your own, one you’ve witnessed, one you read in a book or saw in a film or even one you’ve entirely made up

What’s your favourite Fuck DiS? (This is now the Thurday Filth Thread - can a @moderators add that to the thread title?)


I mean yeah but if someone’s gonna walk into a thread called It’s World Fuck Day expecting high brow content then that’s their problem IMO


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