It’s World Fuck Day (Thurs Filth)

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Fuck off

Well yeah, filth threads and high brow content aren’t mutually exclusive I just meant the thread title implies it anyway :smiley:



Could go for a pint of fuck right about now but I’m a bit distressed about the milk being off and all my fruit pastilles lollies melting :sob:

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Got any tall glasses? Could pour your liquid lollies into them and then balance a stick on the side and refreeze to make a massive lolly?

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Use to cycle past this annoying named place every day on the way into work…

…which I don’t currently have to do anymore, so maybe this whole pandemic has been worth it after all :woman_shrugging:


I don’t think I have the photos, but I was really cheered up when I went to Stockholm that there’s a place just casually called Bastard Burger


World Fuck Day erotic acrostic lest we forget

Close your eyes, and think about
World Fuck Day, and the important contributions made
By luminaries in the esteemed field
And how these contributions
Form the way that we now think about topics like
Titwanking and eating ass on the internet

really fancy a burger now

ooh pardon

Looks like it’s a chain :open_mouth:


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What are you in the mood for RIGHT NOW

  • Hard n Fast
  • Long and Sensual

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Which one did you go to?

there’s 3 here & 1 is great, one is ok, and one is shite

this is the great one

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i HATE this scene

Yeah fucking is good but have you ever unexpectedly got 10 points from Bulgaria in the DiS Song Contest :sparkles:


Is this the filth thread or the shops with entendres in their names thread?

ruining fuck day with all this talk of bastard


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