It should be

Pudding followed by cheese and biscuits
Pudding or cheese and biscuits

  • Yes, of course! You’re right, you always are.
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Use this thread for whatever, chums x

I Don’t need both, I’d usually rather just have cheese

when is coffee


Should be cheese and biscuits followed by pudding.

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FINALLY a thread where I can spuriously label people Tories.

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I’m usually full by pudding tbqh, but I’m thinking of a hypothetical perfect scenario where the dinner stretches out for hours.

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I prefer cheese and pudding followed by biscuits

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You fo’ coffee?

No cheese and biscuits for me please, a cheese platter sounds extremely Lib Dem to me.

it’s a rare treat when I have enough appetite / stamina for dessert let alone an after-dessert

One of the many great things about Christmas is having cheese and biscuits for dinner while watching the darts.

Pudding followed by second pudding (petits fours) (but only if they’re chocolate and not fucking jellyies or something crazy)

  • pudding
  • dessert
  • afters
  • sweet

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Sweet solely because it reminds me of Victoria Wood is it on the trolley

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  • Cheese
  • Cheezy
  • Chizzo

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Think I’d quite enjoy a charcuterie board for dessert

I like a pizza hut salad with bacon bits for pudding

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Have cheesecake to enjoy the best of both worlds.


Can’t really remember a time where I’ve been offered both it’s usually been one or the other or a digestif or something :thinking: