It still freaks my nut that chickens shit and egg out of the same hole



How about you?


They can do what they want imho.


I wasn’t planning on stopping them. Do you think we have too many orifices? Could we cut back and multi-task?


How do you think they make chocolate eggs

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I remember reading they come out the same hole, but separate chutes with a clever dividing flap so shite never comes into contact with egg


Way too many, could scale back the nose to one and probably start a dual purpose excretion/childbirth vent for the benefit of everyone but unlikely to become policy while Corbyn’s still leader.


I saw a chicken earlier that looked like this but was brown.


If you ever get yourself on the child farm circuit you see quite a few of them about


I guess it’s a good living for fancy chickens.


Saw one in Pets Corner, Jesmond Dene, Jesmond, NE2 only the other day.


THey have shit loads at that farm that also sells 100s of types of cider in Sussex. @chris-budget you know, what’s it called?


Middle Farm?




Child farming? You sicken me, JDon.


Saw this chicken/small dinosaur earlier. He attacked a cabbage and threw the leaves around.


looks like a man in a chicken suit


I got a really blurry pic that looks like one of those Bigfoot sighting photos.