It turns out Fitflops are still called that in Australia


Even though they call flip-flops “thongs” over there (hurr) so the joke is meaningless.

Still no great threads on the new site yet

Without doubt the best thread these new boards have seen.




It’s great that you can now like the OP.


If I could tag from my phone I’d have tagged you obviously.



Your phone doesn’t have the @ symbol?


Sorry I mean the topic tags


cheers Jordo


Apology graciously accepted


is it time for a “Thread For Documenting When Theo Tells You Boring Shit About Australia (rolling)” thread

think we might have enough ammo for it


Remember when someone ended up with a German word for their Username because they couldn’t spell Harry?


don’t come in ere making something up called fitflops


should theo be banned for this

  • yes
  • no

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