Italian Music

Hey folks,

Long story short, I’ve started having Italian lessons, and my tutor has recommended listening to some music with Italian vocals to help supplement my studies.

He recommend Tiziano Ferro, Andrea Boccelli, Mina and Laura Pausini, who all seem fairly mainstream (not necessarily a bad thing), but I was wondering if anyone on these boards had other suggestions? What good stuff is out there?

not sure what any of the lyrics mean but Fetus by Franco Battiato is a great record


Thanks a lot for the mention Eric! Even if in my tune there are no lyrics.


I suggest a great band to listen: PFM (Premiata Forneria Marconi)

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Lullabier : great slowcore in italian…

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Lest we forget.


This is a classic Mina track that is amazing.

Surprised Adriano Celentano wasn’t mentioned by your teacher. He is a sort of Italian Johnny Halliday - introduced Italians to rock n’ roll and is insanely popular cutting across generations. This is a great song that Francois Hardy did a version of and there’s also a great English language version called ‘Tar & Cement’:

The only contemporary or non-mainstream Italian stuff I’ve ever found that I like is electronic instrumental stuff so hope this thread throws some stuff up.


@fellover @lyle @pietrovalente @ericVI @shrewbie thanks for all the suggestions everyone, looking forward to checking it all out!

No Baltimora? 80s classic!

(Also featuring a bloke called Jimmy McShane)

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Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers

And Goblin. But they already got a shout out. But +1 for them.

And Paul Chain. He’s Italian.

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They sang in Italian when I saw them in Swindon “back in the day”

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Here’s a bit of the Italian stuff I’ve listened to the most:

Verdena - alternative rock, I guess. Newer stuff is more experimental with loads of distortion

Baustelle - first two albums sort of sound a bit like Pulp, later ones are more poppy

Calcutta - typical of what is being called “Itpop”

Cosmetic - sort of shoegazy

Scisma - indie rock, I guess

Thegiornalisti - initially synthpop, but I think now they’ve broken into mainstream pop music

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Se Telefonando is one of my favourite records ever. OT obviously, but I love the French version too

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