Italy! Raccomandazioni?




Going to Italy for a wedding in July. It’s about an hour’s drive NE of Turin, in a place called Biella. Anyone know the area? Any must-sees? I suppose it’s not a million miles away from Lake Como.





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Don’t know Biella but know the lakes well.

Lake maggiore is closer and is very nice. Also Lugano (Switzerland).

Can give more info on any of the lakes if you want.


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Thanks, I’ll look into Maggiore!




Stresa is the main town with lots of hotels, restaurants and things to see (there’s a mountainside toboggan on wheels thing that’s amazing). If you want something quieter the nearby Lago d’orta is very serene and peaceful.


I can recommend Florence.


think i might swing by italy at some point this summer, been years since i was there.


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got taken to this place when I was on business in turin and it was amazing (if you decide to go there)


Actually just checked the price. €7240 for 4 days.




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