Italy Recommendations



I’m going to Italy in October for 2 weeks. We’re thinking of flying to Florence, train to Rome, train to Naples and then have a car for about a week to go an explore.

Has anyone been down the bottom of Italy to drive about and stay at a few places?
Any recommendations where to stay (area wise) in Florence or Rome?
Or just general cool stuff in Italy.



Did Venice, Florence and Rome on a coach as a school trip when I was 15 or so, it mainly consisted of ignoring all culture in favour of buying cheap stubbies and learning our limits when it came to alcohol in the various hostels at night.

There was a bit where a janitor said “Mama Mia!” because a radiator had a leak though which was fun.


you’ve just had a holiday.

nobody reply please - she’s getting greedy.


I have another before this one too.


That sounds great. I hope my trip is just like that.


There was a bit where we all had the opportunity to view the Sistine Chapel for a subsidised €3 or something and we all turned it down and just waited around doing nothing for 2 hours while the non-idiots went and looked at it.


People in Naples are terrible, terrible drivers. They seem to view road signs and things like one way streets as an interesting suggestion. (Drivers up north are generally fine)

Def see Pompeii, the Amalfi coast and Sorrento around there.


when we stayed in Rome we stayed nr. Piazza Navona which means you’re walking distance/close to both the ancient stuff, and the Vatican. Highly recommended, and loads of nice places to eat around there.


I’ve driven around The Amalfi Coast - genuinely terrifying levels of shit driving. Would probably bus it if I went back…


Went to Tuscany a couple of years ago, and stayed in Cetona, which is like an hour from Siena. Was fucking lovely tbh, you could just do the small Tuscan towns and still have an amazing time. Food was absolutely amazing too.

Spent a day in Rome and it was my least favourite part of the holiday. Its dirty, busy and once you do the old Roman attractions, there’s not much else to do.


I’ve been on the train to Pompeii and Sorrento. Was fine, even if Italian trains are generally a bit shit.


Once you understand that Italians consider road rules and regulations as suggestions rather than laws it actually makes the experience of driving far less stressful. Having said that there really is no benefit to driving in an Italian city unless you absolutely have to - they beep a bit less in the North but really don’t drive much better when it comes down to it.


If you are flying back from Florence I’d be tempted to do the Tuscan & Umbrian thing - driving round there should be fine and loads of lovely towns and villages for a great Italian experience.


Yeah we didn’t really know what to do and haven’t booked our flights yet so it could still be an option. I was told the weather is quite nice still on the amalfi coast in October


Another vote for the Amalfi coast. Just lovely. Can confirm the roads are terrifying although I did it on a coach.

Controversial I know but Florence has been my least favourite (after Milan) place in Italy. Still a nice place to go, but Rome, Amalfi Coast, Venice and the Lakes all blew it socks off.


Can give you lots of detail on any of the places I’ve mentioned if you need it. Haven’t been south of Naples though.


I love the Amalfi coast


I think I want to go to Florence to live out my Jersey Shore dreams


i stayed in trastevere in rome, it was a nice neighbourhood with good wine and gelato places, which is all i could ask for

have fun!


Might be worth considering that Florence airport is a bit of a shed. My GF was supposed to fly back from there last May (glorious weather, no adverse conditions), and they just didn’t have a plane, so they kept them there for about 5 hours with no information before bussing them to Pisa and flying back from there.

Pisa is a much busier airport, and still convenient for Florence so it’s worth checking flights to there if you’re not having any luck with Florence.