Italy / Sicily / Sardinia recommendations?

Can you help me decide where to go on honeymoon in July? Never been to Italy. I have a romantised idea of staying in a beautiful coastal village eating amazing food, so it would be amazing if you could recommend that sort of thing!

Sicily is great, but drivers are genuinely mental. People don’t seem to want to give receipts…

Sicily is genuinely beautiful. We stayed in Ortigia which is a wee island in the south east, looks like this:

Great seafood, lovely little piazzas. Can recommend a few restaurants if you do end up going.

My new girlfriend is Sicilian. So I’m now an expert, despite never having been there myself.

Apparently her hometown of Syracuse is beautiful.

Big fan of the Italian Lakes (Como, Garda, Maggiore)

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We’re the chipmunks!


I went to Ragusa and it was awesome.


I went to the North of Sardinia (Sassari) last year for a friends wedding. I really liked it but he kept telling me that places in the South like Cagliari are far nicer. He did say though that the Costa Esmeralda is worth visiting and not as expensive as people think.

I also went on to Bologna after the wedding and I’d really recommend it. As it’s more of a University town it’s not as touristy as a lot of other places and the food’s incredible

I spent a week in the unfashionable bit in the south east of Sardinia - a few km from villasimius. It was beautiful though: great fresh seafood and the sabados was amazing. It had v few English people there too, which was nice.

Well I went to the north…west of Sardinia? Alghero. It was great, you’d probably want a car if you were to spend more than a few days there though to be able to explore other bits.

As above Como & Garda are amazing but probably best avoided in high season because they get very crowded.

the Piedmont wine region is also good (esp if you like wine & food…) and a lot less busy and touristy. (However i thought liguria rivieira coastline south of that was shite and horrible!)

Rome is of course Brilliant.

Also I am going to italy in about 3 hours for the weekend yessssssssssssssssss. Best place.

lastly - i think an ‘agroturismo’ might be what you’re looking for, sort of like a farm with a b&b attached and a restaurant in the evening where they do all local food and stuff.

i went to Lake Como two weeks ago, stayed in an apartment overlooking the lake itself. was ace, would definitely recommend it.

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Very much this^ (or a bike…)

I was too young to remember where exactly we went in Sardinia but I do remember my dad stepping in a big curly dog poo right before getting into a taxi and we had to do the whole journey whilst it stank of dog poo cause it had curled right over the top of his shoe.

Don’t do that on your honeymoon

This is all great, thank you! I’m going to look into it all when I get home.