There are some knowledgeable bods on here, aren’t there. Anyone willing to have a pop at explaining the outcome of these elections? Should the Five Star lads be cheered on or nah? Is the illegal immigration situation there really as bad as every media outlet and political party there seems to be making out? When is Berlusconi’s head in a jar inevitably going to take control again?


idk from italian politics but i know the sicilian mafia has been at war with newer migrant syndicates around palermo for the last couple of years. the daily mail found it quite inspiring.

that’s all i’ve got for this one clive.

Really disappointed that this isn’t a holiday thread. I’m out. :wink:


The Italians I know (which admittedly, are quite few) are just scared and saddened. Seems to echo the right wing populism springing up elsewhere. I think the Italian government is geared towards coalitions and essentially Berlusconi gets to be more influential that he really should be as a sort of elder statesman gluing together all the horrible parties. Just a bad scene, basically.

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Not a fan

This is good, thanks.

Boo, no opportunity then for me to tell you all that you’re making Bolognese like a bunch of neds.

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Jar of Dolmio, yeah?

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Lidl homebrand tomato and basil, mate. No need to go overboard.

Two seconds of poorly constructed research on the wiggedy, told me they were all eco, and for the people and stuff.

Are they the bad guys then?

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What about peak Bobby Baggio, eh - Il Divin Codino?

What a man.

“wiggedy” :grinning:

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The John Oliver section on this last week was excellent - i’d recommend watching it (i’m at work but sure it’s on youtube search for John Oliver italian elections or berlesconi should do it)

The Berlesconi part in particular was hilarious but i was very very stoned so…it may not have been in reality!

The 5 star bunch of goons seem to be terrible terrible people and overall, this seems to another election which is signalling the shift to the right in europe and the general xenephobia which is becoming more mainstream. worrying times.