Items you happily use just a fraction of

Such as this sponge. I wouldn’t dream of using the yellow side for anything - rough green section 4lyf.

Sponges - roughly 95% useless


I use the yellow side way more than the green one. Maybe we could work out some kind of arrangement.

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You seen the pads that are just the green bit though. Fucking useless shit for twats.


I don’t use much of the possibility space on overdrive/fuzz/distortion pedals. Just find a setting I like and leave it there forever.

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I only use the very tip of this for writing:



the white marks around that picture are really irking me

want to clean it with a sponge

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The sauce in the extra hot chicken ramen noodles

Sponge bit for easy things and glasses, green bit for slightly tougher stuff, wire scourer (my personal fave) for anything that just won’t budge. The only fraction I use is 100%

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Basically just use my xbox as a dvd player these days, does that count

same with me and my playstation. in fact don’t even use the dvd / bluray player, just use it to watch netflix

We get Netflix through the bt box now so use of the xbox has dramatically reduced

i think there are about a hundred different ways i can make netflix come on my telly but have decided that is the easiest

Steam library


I wud say same for yor tooth brush but I know yours has dual purposes

Occasionally a mate will text me. Example: “I’m in Blackpool. Which pubs are listed in your Good Beer Guide?” Very occasionally I am in a different part of London or a different city. Mostly I ask a friend who lives there for recommendations anyway. I always have an up to date copy of the Good Beer Guide but I generally use just a dozen pages at most out of the 300+ pages in the book.

Similarly, I am getting VERY poor value for money from my telephone directory.

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My potential

You buy a telephone directory? I’ve never bought one. Not even when we didn’t have absolutely everything on the internet.

With distortion for me it is everything on full whack, all the time. :metal: so same boat really.

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similarly, I mostly only use the neck pickup on my guitars, almost always sounds better.

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