It's 13:44


Which means 32 years ago EXACTLY I was popping out of my mum.

I bought cakes from M&S which seem to have gone down incredibly well, should’ve done it when I started.

Anyway, what’s everyone up to right now?


Many happy returns Stephen!


Thanks Ant. Pocalypsenow. I’m celebrating tonight by teaching two kids, then going home and probably watching House of Cards.







I might actually have a little coffee break and some cake to celebrate your birthday


Happy birthday. You’re a very welcome new addition to


hb and everything mate but is this the banal thread?



Tell me a fun fact about yourself, mistersteve.


Thoughts with her, hope she’s recovered


Pretty much yeah.


What constitutes a fun fact?


fun fact = any fact



I’m just eating some mini cheddars, out of boredom really. I’m not hungry. Was going to get a glass of water but all the glasses have disappeared? Weird.


Maybe you just can’t see them because you need glasses!!!


The most interesting thing about me is probably:

A couple of years ago I had a 6 or so month period where I played with (and/or supported) Thom Yorke, Kings of Leon, The Bluetones, Royal Blood, Foals, and oddly Method Man and Redman. Also met Metronomy and Burt Bacharach backstage at a festival I played at. Was surreal, but now I’m back in an office doing fuck all with my life.

Or were you after more ‘I’ve got an inny’?


Probably misses her old glasses.


Happy birthday paisan, have a blast :+1::grinning:


Raises mug in the air

Have a good 'un Mister Steve :tada:


Haha, do you have an innie?