It's 13:44

Well, the music thing is very cool. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything as cool as that in my lifetime.

did you unveil the cakes at the exact minute of your emergence 32 years ago?

Happy Birthday mister Steve!!!

Not sure you’re all getting this - niki was looking for glasses to drink a glass of water from. Glasses that you wear help you see. I’ve combined the two meanings!

I’ve just eaten an apple

As I try to stick to only eating UK grown apples - and as there were no UK grown apples to be found in Sainsburys last night, I think that might be my last apple until the autumn people!

Bit brexit

It’s 5:45 and I’ve got $5.45,
gonna get a Whopper and a 40 right.

Happy Hot Sweaty Fanny Around Your Neck day

may you have many, many more


But thanks :+1:


not really

It’s my lame attempt at reducing food miles

Of course it doesn’t stop me eating bananas etc - but eating apples from the other side of the world feels a bit wrong to me

you brought it up

just stole a mini egg off of someone’s desk

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turns out it wasn’t belated it was preemptive

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364 days late is pretty belated

It’s 15:44 now

No it isn’t.

Because I know how to appeal to my audience, I made this Facebook profile picture for today.

I was right, they bloody love it.

Also, in protest at @anon82218317’s photo on the other thread of her looking lovely, here’s me looking appalling at band last night. We had our AGM, and the conductor (right) gave us (percussion) section of the year. There was no trophy, so we just decided to look like twats. I found a siren.


no but it was

how many Maltese can you fit in a bag is not a joke I want to hear the punchline of