Its 2018. Do you use sms?

  • Yes
  • No

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only use ‘wassap’ as its known here.

Yes, they’re free.

Very rarely. Couple of my guys will text me for extra hrs and bits like that, but my last non related text was in January

Rarely. Last one I sent was a month ago

is whatsapp sms

Only with two people.

Not everyone has a smart phone.


Only really for parents. Friends etc all use WhatsApp. Some people try to use Facebook messenger but I’m trying to cut them out my life.

Last non-parent I texted was @Witches


No, obviously

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They differ by about £400

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My mum will sometimes whatsapp me and sometimes sms me.
My nans only sms.
A girl at work sms’d me yesterday.
Live to sms.

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GET IT RIGHT UP YE @plasticniki

Yeah, loads.

better poll

  • i use SMS more than whatsapp
  • i use whatsapp more than SMS

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I’ve not had an SMS “conversation” for years I reckon. All my messages are from Royal Mail / the bank / Dominos / the doctors.

iMessage is essentially an iOS-only version of Whatsapp (uses data rather than SMS allowance, allows emojis and pictures etc)

And you’re not texting them back? Rude.

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My mum will either send me a a text or a whatsapp message, she’s unpredictable


currently running on too many platforms. SMS, whatsapp, email. For example, wife contacts me on all of those, and it’s hard to keep track and ignore