Its 2018. Do you use sms?


same. just when I thought she’s been converted… BAM surprise sms




Thanks for reminding me of the year though warny, very helpful


Just switched the conversation with my partner from Messenger to WhatsApp, in case you were wondering.

Got a couple of SMS friends still. It feels nice and not as urgent or requiring of immediate response.

I use it if people SMS me. Makes sense as it’ll be text conversation. Otherwise it’s WhatsApp all the time.

I text my dad, but whatsapp everyone else

I get texts occasionally from people. My partner and I have always used Facebook messenger, and because she’s pretty much the only person I talk to I rarely open WhatsAppmost it probably always says “last seen six days ago” or something, so nobody uses it.

I’ve got a penoid pal who refuses to use Slack like everyone else and only communicates by Facebook messenger. What is up with that.

Which do you use more

  • (Facebook) Messenger
  • WhatsApp

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not on facebook, obviously


fucking hate facebook messenger. pile o’shite.


few pals have deleted their fb profile but stayed on messenger for the group chats

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Why? It works the same as WhatsApp

not being able to have more than one person in a ‘text’ conversation in 2018 is infuriating

facebook is shit and the messenger app is crap on loads of phones. the lite app is even worse. bin it off.


my mum still has a phone which only holds 10 sms messages and she’ll often moan that i haven’t “texted her back” when she’s actually just run out of message space


SMS my bezzie all day errrryday

Well into the stickers, m9. Got loads of great Charlie Brown ones, and some truly disturbing animated Emoji Movie ones.

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