It's 2018. This is the evening thread

Gigs I went to > Gigs I didn’t go to, is the actual science.


Helping my daughter with her homework, trying to arrange some customers in for some hair care before Xmas. Neither activity is going especially smoothly at the moment.

Feeling drained by my call with OH this morning, once the kids are in bed, I’ll have half an hour in the bath and then straight into bed.

Received three difficult emails in my last 20 minutes of work and can’t really deal with them til tomorrow :frowning: also got begged inside M&S foodhall at the station. It’s really rough.

Can’t argue with that. Solid science

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was the best sounding gig I’ve been to at the academy actually, it can often be a bit shite there

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Just watched an animated film called Seder Masochism. Pretty funny (at best).

Having a quiet night in my hotel room, need to do some work and was my hair etc. How exciting.

shout out to all the DiS parents smashing it as always :raised_hands:


Its too tall for really good sound is my scientific opinion.

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I’m on a bus!! Wooooooooo.

@cutthelights :sushi: where from?

soul, ofc

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Good work, what did you get?

Got this in my head now


duck gyoza, salmon nigiri, cucumber and sesame hosomaki, maritime box (california roll and king prawn roll)


Amazing, enjoy!!

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Contains the lyrics ‘on a bus’

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got a new jumper off asos. it said it was oversized but look at it :eyes:

it’s so soft i think i love it. im going to refer to it as boyfriend-cut :heart_eyes:


You’ll grow into it.


Don’t like sharing photos of my dinner but tried making saffron rice for the first time and just look at the results


it reminds me of a jumper my dad used to have that i used to steal sometimes when i was a kid actually

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