It's 4pm - snack and banal

Snack box at work, what u havin

Not pictured: maltesers, gold bars, chupa chups, nutrigrains

I’m having a cup of earl grey and a gold bar. bd

Imagine taking a satsuma out of that box of wonder.

Edit: I am helping myself to a delicious glass of water.

i’ll take that alpen bar


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Weirdly the fruit is the first to go, were some nanas and whatnot too.

You still ill, man?

There definitely sounds like some nanas in your office m9!!!1

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Yeah :cold_sweat: I can’t taste owt, it’s well annoying.

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  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Nah

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None of the above, thank you. It would only detract from my “Buttermint” tea.



Skips and gold bar please

:owl: probably like chicken :owl:

I’ve eaten so many peanut butter pretzel pieces today my god

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Just had an everlast café latte protein shake and some cashew nuts.

Hot lemon and honey with a Granny Smith apple.


Freeze! Snack police!


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you better have some left for madge