It's 4pm - snack and banal

Regularly got absolutely smashed at uni for less than a tenner. There was a club in so’ton that did 10p a pint nights

you tell me

I’m not going to dignify this with a response.


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Yes I believe going for a meal and to a gig constitutes a night out

between the ages of 15 and idk, 25? would have had to have been an absolute fucking rager of a night to have gone near £50

i drink in cheap shit holes apparently

going to a festival? going on a holiday? buying a car after 6pm?

it’s grey areas leafy!

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Stop being a pain japes


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Bus eireann are such useless sacks of shite lol. Was waiting for bus to the airport and checked the website which said it was running an hour (!) late. Frantically started ringing pals to see if anyone would drive me to the airport (over an hour away) and then it just showed up around 15 mins late.