It's 6 o clock it's Friiiiidaaay night!

On the train, listening to Blondie like I assume every disser is, not sure what food lies in wait for me, probably some beers though. Weekend with some ATDs but just the two of us tonight :smirk:

I made a lentil* curry and Indian spiced bread, so no pizza.

I’m at football tomorrow so no drinks, although I might have a NA gin.

Might watch a Sidney Poitier film, or Gotham, or just sit in silence as Wor Lass crochets in front of Diners and Diners and Diners.

*we’d run out of lentils (as if that’s possible) so (not wholly unsuccessfully) subbed in mung beans.


Films (Rush at the moment), not sure about dinner yet… Sleep.

Meant to be getting ready to go to London for friends birthday thing, nghhh, CBA (but paid in advance so kinda have to go). Effort.

Also apparently there’s a cat decapitator on the loose in West Kent… Grim :flushed:

Wasn’t this debunked last time as foxes (really hope so anyway)

Listening to Julie Byrne. She’s so so lovely


It’s not gin but it does press the ‘nice and refreshing’ buttons like gin does.

Did ours before Easter which felt like a slog but now it’s all pppphhhheewwweeeee

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Eating jacket potatoes a la Brian Harvey and watching Veep. My back is fucked and I’m trying to hold off on taking a diazepam until bedtime.

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obvious cover up!!!

Fingers crossed :grimacing: :crossed_fingers:

I’ve been too productive this week, I should be paid more. 16 day weekend though

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Think I might party like it’s 2999




yes that’s a Busted reference


Kinda regretting agreeing to review this festival a bit. There’s no one good on till after nine and I don’t know anyone here for the moment.

Might go and chat to the guy wearing the t-shirt that simply says, “Do you like boiled rice?” on it. I’d like to know what his deal is.


Think he wants to know if you like boiled rice and is too shy to ask.

Me personally? That’s some impressive and frankly unsettling lengths to go to just to get my rice opinions.

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Sat with a :wine_glass: at the airport, going back to Brighton to spend the weekend with my friend I’ve known since we were babies. Have had such a week of it but trying to switch off now and get in weekend mode :woman_in_lotus_position:t3: