It's a bank holiday Monday

Going to the boot sale, roast at my mum’s, home to watch some nonsense. Weather is…grey.

Commiserations to those who are working…hope people in your shops are kind.

How about you??

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Morning :wave:

Just getting ready to leave the caravan. Was a properly lovely long weekend! Made cooked breakfast:

Plans for the day: taking a walk along the river, getting the ferry back, heading back to King’s Lynn in time for the football, and that’s about it.


Morning all!

It’s not a bank holiday in Scotland (@japes) so I’ll be doing work all day and then football afterwards. The class I’m meant to be taking this morning doesn’t start until next week so at least I’m free until 1.30.

The weather is quite bank holiday-esque here (cool and drizzly).


On my way to work.

Going in late and finishing early because its a bank holiday. Rather annoyingly we have to go in today but have got Thursday off which presumably makes sense to someone.

Getting the train rather than cycling in as a bank holiday treat to myself.

Going to the beach. In the rain. With a hangover.

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Morning all.

Hey @JohnM are we getting any new HGIIR action this week?

The city centre is eerily quiet at this time on a Bank Hol. Its like being back in lockdown.

Need to sort my life out today. Gonna need to use the large cafetiere imo.

Nice snarlers.

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Coffee shops are all shut as well. Argh ffs.


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I’m just so sad it’s over :cry:

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You should come next year :blush::tada::champagne::confetti_ball::circus_tent:

Brits are always having bank holidays. Get back to work imo

Only joking I’m not working today either, gonna go to Belgium instead


Have a cherry beer for me, please :beers::cherries:




Back to work today after two weeks off. Had better bank holidays tbh


Got something stuck in my teeth - it’s exposing a nerve or something so it hurts to drink water :worried:. This is happening a lot at the moment

much tired, no holiday, work, bowling birthday party

can do this (maybe)