It's a bit quiet on here this afternoon, isn't it?

What’s up with everyone ffs?

I did all my threads this morning. They are still available for further discussion but I will not be posting any more new threads today.

Have a poll:

I am a 6ft 1in man, currently weighing in at 15 stone. Is this:

  • Perfectly acceptable, a good man is a little husky, if you dress well you’d never really notice
  • Jesus Christ, try a salad once in a while you fucking heffalump

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Aaaarrrggggghhhhhh. Can’t get in anyone for this fucking job! Does no one want a job?

Can we have that in metric please?

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I’ll take it. When do I start?

I honestly would never even consider that you are in any way overweight, if that’s what you’re saying.

You and the National Health Service will have to agree to disagree.

Post christmas party work lunch

went out for 3 hours all in :joy:

What’s the job & pay, and can I do it from Sheffield?

Jan 3. Wear something nice.

185cm tall

Anyone feeling lethargic?[poll public=true]

  • Groan
  • Grunt
  • Yawn

Seems fine to me mate

Thank you for your application but at this time we don’t think you would be a good fit.

Lots of xmas dos? I’ve just got back to office from pub, mainly to grab my stuff and have a coffee and them going back to pub.

Think of some questions for the sex poll thread.

See you then!

Just had a couple of After Eights. One of the few 80’s sweets that still stand up? Discuss.

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I think calling them a sweet is a fucking liberty!



it’s a bloody chocolate mate

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