It's a Christmas miracle!

@anon29812515 is back

Only temporarily an it was sort of the opposite of a miracle:

Got ill a week or more before Christmas. Real fever. Still felt awful but tried not to ruin Christmas (I did). Just couldn’t shake it and was getting worse.

Went to my GP this morning, got slammed in the back of an ambo straight to resass (?). Heart beat of 140, temp 39.7. On a ward now feeling a little better.
Unknown infection but I think these guys will get it.

No way am I reading that back.

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Fuck, I can’t remember how to link, that is a c&p of the text of a post from a few days back.

This sounds like this happening again today.

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It’s not!

Please say it’s not.

Are you feeling better now?

Also how many people are judging you for being off work on the first day back?

I have a Dr’s note from a hospital saying that I had sepsis. I don’t think anyone can argue with that. I have only contacted my boss an my team and they all understand. Got the week off.

Better thank you. Totally exhausted. Haven’t been out of bed other than showering or toilet or the odd drink.


I’m confused why this caused you to return. I actually have the date of your disappearance in my google calendar for the anniversary thread of sadness but you’ve ruined that now.

Probably @ma0sm would have beaten me to it anyway.

Oh i’m pleased you’re not shitting and pissing yourself in bed :slight_smile:



why aren’t you on here anymore @anon29812515

Is it because you hate us? Or because you want to be productive at work or something?

Because I was alone in hospital with nothing but a phone. Visiting was limited and we also had childcare issues (my son wasn’t allowed in) plus my mum is on holiday. So I had some whatsapp action but other that that I was totally by myself in a room, scared, bored and wanted some company.

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Dunno, don’t make me explain but it is better for me to not be on here all the time.


Well I’m glad we were here for you. X


Yeah. I understand this so much.


Let us, a bunch of idiot strangers, be the judge of what’s best for you.

And get well soon.



What’s your dis abstinence technique?

It hasn’t been the same without you


Log out on all your devices and don’t log back in (until you are hospitalised).


Balonz was back on the switch forum a while back because that’s where the cool kids hang

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Yo @anon29812515, hope you’re on the mend. If you’re leaving again then please leave a list of threads we can start in your absence (and look after yourself).