It's a frrriday morning 😎😎😎😎

Hi Bais
Need to get up soon
Not really sure if anything else is happening

I have a mild red wine hangover and didn’t get enough sleep.

It’s going to be a very productive day.

I have a cold and this overground train has been stopped in the middle of nowhere for ages now.

In no mood for 12 hours work.

Back to work today



Feel really rather ill. Today is my Monday. Sums it up really.

Friday already :partying_face:

Don’t think I have any plans for the weekend so I hope I’ll get my arse to Ikea finally. Gotta brave it sometime.

Slept in my own bed for what felt like the first time in 3 months. :100:

Wfh today. :+1:

First day back in the office. Bus is pretty empty.

Ate too much yesterday but have woken up really hungry somehow. Our neighbour keeps leaving out loads of free food from Pret so I’ve got my free lunch in my bag (@Matt_was_taken Are You aware of this? Not sure if you’re in the Facebook group)

Morning all :wave:

Had a really unpleasant and intense dream that I won’t bore you with, but I woke up feeling really tense and stressed. Found work hard yesterday, and so I might go and sit in a different corner. (They’re a decent bunch but they’re really chatty and I was finding it difficult to concentrate).

Gonna make Thai red curry tonight - found a half-quantity of curry paste in the freezer that I’d saved from a previous batch. Well done, CCB of the past.

Nah man… I’m not on Facebook :confused:

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Two blocks away from you on your side. The 60 somethings. There’s still a ton of stuff out now on tables in front of the main door, use by today. He does it a couple of times a week at the moment :+1:

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:heart: might don the dressing gown/slippers…

there really is such a thing as a free lunch! cheers @scout (and mystery neighbour!)


I’m still in bed and successfully managed to force my bf to get out and make me tea and I can hear him unloading the dishwasher so quite a win for me

Wfh + gym at lunch

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hi all :wave:

i was walking to work this morning and halfway down victoria road i saw this drunken couple in their early 20s beating the shit out of each other and screaming. this is around 6AM. so i says, yo wtf, stop hitting her, and they both stop grappling and the girl says, IT’S FINE GO FUCK YOURSELF. so i was like alright, whatever. then near the end of the street i look back and they’re both asleep on the pavement. wtf. still can’t quite believe it really happened.

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Are you living in Cambridge now?


:sweat_smile: still leeds

Ah fair enough. Sounds like something that could happen on the road of the same name here in Cambridge. Hope you’re okay and well done for intervening even if it wasn’t appreciated.


Morning all.

I had trouble falling asleep last night. The cat must have been waiting for me to nod off because pretty much as soon as I did he leapt on me all like, β€œIT’S BREAKFAST TIME HUMAN PREPARE THE FOOD DISH.”

It wasn’t breakfast time. It was 2:30am. I hate that douche sometimes.

Hope you’re all well. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to make a coffee strong enough to fire up a new sun.

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In the office. I’ve got nothing to do at all for the second day running so it’s going to be a loooong day.

Having pizza later and meating some people that usually live on the internet.