it's a lunch/snack/banal hybrid thread!

heating in the oven: homemade chorizo sausage roll, will have with some coleslaw and sauce of some kind

afternoon snacks: lemon poppy seed loaf and trying my first ever Cronut

went to 3 different cafes just to kill time/explore the range of coffees and snacks available. Feel mildly stimulated as a result


Had: peanut butter and jam sandwich, four (4) squares of peppermint Ritter sport.

Will have: some (some) grapes

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also just realised I had a croissant for breakfast and will be having naan with dinner

just call me … CarbBoy

Just had: 2x crusty rolls with turkey, mustard & mayo, big bowl of crisps.

Currently having: chocolate orange minis

Will have: bit of easter egg maybe

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lunch : trout pate and cucumber wrap

snack : I did plan on popping out and getting doughnuts, but I cycled right past the place I was going to get them from and only realised afterwards. Maybe I’ll get doughnuts tomorrow instead.

want it

3 left if you get over here

had a fish finger wrap and a packet of chilli beef “crinklies” or something

just had 2 kiwis and 1 plum

got some crumpets to eat after work pre-bike :yum:

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two fish fingers is no way enough

3.5 fish fingers

(normally 4 but was only 7 left in the packet)


Just had a cob. Gonna get sushi for dinner

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Pro: we went up and had lunch on the roof today.

Con: I had a filling put in this morning so my lovely sunny lunch was piping hot soup.


went for a walk around the local park for the 9846th time. caved and bought a pack of cigarettes the other day and smoked a couple and decided they’re absolutely disgusting.

don’t really know what to do with myself now


My son has a job interview at Krispy Kreme today

Have you tried the doughnuts that are sold at White Cloud Coffee at Sea Lanes? I keep seeing them on instagram, and that was what I meant to get earlier

I think I find fags too grim to contemplate now. I guess I’ll find out for sure when the pub gardens reopen

Ooo no, but guess where I’m going for a coffee date tomorrow :yum:

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I’ll intend to pop down there at lunchtime, but if I spot you I won’t cramp your style

they get less grim after a couple pints though isn’t it

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