It's a me, Monday oh

not happy about it

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Today is my Friday.

Still in bed

No plans beyond going out for pizza tonight

Loving half term life



Quite an intense day lined up where I’ve agreed to try and fit what would be at least a couple of days work or more into one. Then if I manage that I’m off to a gig this evening.


Everyone has booked this week off and I’m left to deal with everything argh.

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It’s raining. Couldn’t find a black belt, so have had to put a brown one on with black shorts. Had a rough old night with the hayfever.

I did enjoy the 9 minute stroll along the river path to the train station this morning though


No shade at my bank holiday working brethren but this 3 day week has come at exactly the right time for old safebruv
Thanks queen

kinda feels like 5 and a half hours sleep wasn’t enough - or maybe that’s just me :man_shrugging:t2:

The first episode of my show ‘Mozart’s Wife’ drops on Dissonance Radio today

I’ll probably do a thread about it later. I need some help from some of yous - especially the literature lovers among us



Hey @epimer, I saw this and thought of you


Because of my testicles, right?

Get absolutely pissed down on walking the dog this morning.

Last 2 days of my current job. The struggle for motivation has been hard enough without half the place being on leave.

D&D tonight.

Woke up at 4am cause huzzyb’s pillow squeaks on the bed frame sometimes when he’s sleeping and I can’t bare it

Naturally I did an hour of TikTok and a 7km easy run before work as a result :muscle:t2:


Morning all!

My Monday classes finished weeks ago and I’ve been on strike so much that I don’t have much marking to get through so today should really just be catching up on some Dissonance.

I delivered The Child to nursery this morning and, as I was waiting at the gate, let out a big lingering cloud of digested bean gas. One of the staff came down to collect The Child and told her she smelled nice this morning. I doubt the two are unrelated.

You ought to get that checked out I reckon

Oh shit I need think about what I’m going to say

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Beginning of a week off. Nothing planned. Lazy one I think. Same as every day then.


Morning, had a shit night’s sleep since my stepdad comes home from work at 1.30am now and Misty was behaving so badly all day and night. Just a general tense atmosphere led to an awful nightmare so I’m now eating my breakfast, having coffee, and hoping I can actually get my work done today.

Feel like someone’s sewn a breezeblock into my stomach overnight. Might have to write today off.