it's a Monday is it not?

get posting you lazy sods

monday = shit

Late start on the daily thread

Fairly standard Monday, had porridge for brek for the 1st time in ages. Got therapy at lunch and yoga after work.

Sorry, what a boring post


Bit of a better sleep last night, though ive got really aching hip lately think it is my bursitis acting up maybe. Had coffee and croissants for breakfast, going to get myself and mini dressed in a minute ready for rhythm time.

Very foggy out. Maybe need fog lights on the pram. :joy:

I feel paralyzed by a cold/flu/something

Woke up late all achey and I’ve been sat in my kitchen, fully booted and jacketed to leave the house, nursing a coffee, for about 20 minutes now

Can’t even get Lemsip in this godforsaken land

alright slipknot

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Morning all!

Horrible weird night of sleep (went to bed early, couldn’t settle), then had noises in the roof which woke everyone up at 4pm. The Child has been coughing since last night so she’s off today.

stop copying my sleeping patterns!

lay down, tired, ready to drop off … then suddenly felt very sick and my mouth kept filling with a weird amount of saliva?? bizarro body go away

Got woken up as it sounds like next door are having a new kitchen fitted or something (pretty sure their kitchen is the room that’s next to our bedroom, which is great when they put the washing machine on at 5am)

Managed to drag myself out of bed for porridge and make it to the first meeting of the day in time. Not feeling Monday work so just got a ticket for Future Islands tonight.

Took day off today as had the kids 5th birthday party yesterday. Great move.
Chain drinking coffee then probably need to sort out the fence that fell down like 2 weeks ago. Looking forward to getting a completely broken off and submerged fence post out of concrete :sob::sob::sob:


Really need a shower and to sort out my hair but not sure how to fit it into my day.

Meant to be interviewing this old boxer in a pub at some point, no idea when or how much notice he’ll give me. Hoping he’ll invite me to his flat instead as he lives in some flats from Cracker that I’ve always wanted to have a good look around.

Work’s busy today too but that’s not as fun.

I’m off to see Divide and Dissolve later at a venue I’m far too old for.


morning punx,

feel so rotten. made it through my six year olds birthday party yesterday which was real tough, then have agreed to help my friend out by looking after and then taking her to kids to school and baby to the childminder for three days a week. Sure it’ll be ok normally (5 kids :exploding_head: :astonished: :see_no_evil:) but today was a struggle.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh its just shit being ill. fairly quiet day otherwise with work but just want to call in sick.

Oh god you’re in for such a treat! great great band

a trip to Birmingham on the cards then you lucky ghost!

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Had a lovely weekend, really enjoy being a weekend dad for a dog. Get to say “hiya mate, lazerquest and mcdonalds tomorrow?” when i get there and it never gets old to me.
Lots of homemade cocktails, takeaways and shit christmas films. Off back tonight for more of the same.

Basically ate sweets and chocolate for my tea last night so slept terribly


Yeah, I listened to them quite a bit earlier in the year after hearing some good things but had since forgotten all about them. My pal’s new band that I like is supporting too.

sounds like a good night out :slight_smile: I think they are good on record but something else entirely live. Very jealous. have fun!

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Still in bed

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Bit grey out

Ridden the long way into the Jewellery Quarter for a coffee in the absence of anything else to do.