It's a morning thread! It's a Mar 10

Hope everyone and their alt accounts are doing well x



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Payday innit. Waiting for this storm to batter us and off to work.

Morning lovely people.

Let’s smash this hump day, drink some water and please eat something delicious. :heartpulse:


Megan Traynor’s Just Got Paid is one of my classes favourites to just dance to in the morning. Quite the banger.

i don’t sleep much these days

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It’s also payday for me. It’s meant to rain all day isn’t it? That puts pay to all the plans I had … oh, hang on, it changes nothing

Barely sleeping these days too, 4hrs most days, feels a bit
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Morning. Hope you are too Theo

Eldest been back at school two days and now i have a raging cold. Not had one this winter. LIVID!

Got to actually try and do some work today rather than actively avoid it.

Speaking of which i need to get in that shower.

Keep it true everyone :smiley:

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(No payday for me sigh)


Morning all!

Weather is shit after such a lovely day yesterday.

Have to pop in to work to collect a Covid test kit, so hopefully the rain eases up enough to walk to the station rather than driving.

Take the dog for a walk this afternoon (again, weather permitting).

Fucking cba

It’s still winter here

Do not want


Morning all,

Another vote for davidoff hardly any sleep. Been up since 2 since my brain decided to go down that well worn, “how about we have a long hard think about where it all went wrong, huh sport?” road. I used to be so good at sleep. In the snoozing hall of fame there’s a statue of me drooling all over a pillow. It’s disgusting. Now look at me. 40 winks? I can barely muster, like, 3. Rubbish.

Hope you’re all well (rested).

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Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Same for me but with ZZ Top.

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Morning all!

I have to do some teaching today which is a strange and not wholly pleasant turn of events.

I’m planning to make some kind of courgette meatballs for tea but I’ve been reminded we had a bolognese at the weekend so not pasta. I’m planning to flavour with my favourite Moroccan spice mix and serve with pitta and salad, but I’m slightly worried I can’t be arsed.

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Day off. Both kids at pre school or school until 1:30pm

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Gonna have leftover Chinese duck for breakfast and you can’t stop me.

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