Its a political hangover Friday and its time to party (or try to party, whatever you deem most appropriate)

On Zyweic I failed to finish yesterday on account of fucking off to bed as soon as the exit poll reared it’s ugly head, hows bout you?

I am going to get drunk and play Resident Evil 2. If that doesn’t solve all our problems I don’t know what will.


Just pretend Mr X is socialism chasing Boris Johnson and is an unstoppable machine

Yeah not sure if I can face shite takes in the pub, might also just go home and get drunk and play video games

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Wouldn’t that make me Boris though? I like role playing and all but that’s too far.

But you can feed them to the zombies over n over n over n over

Literally my plan as well!

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I think I’m just gonna pretend the zombies are groaning, “but Corbyn is unelectable!” as I shoot their legs off.


Walking around listening to Grouper atm

I hope Bre*it doesn’t interfere with my sources for cheap Polish lager. Perla for me tonight I think, 8 for £7.

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i’m probably going to pick up a curry on my way home, watch masterchef and go to bed at 8pm

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Full @ghosthalo and have now decided in the 80s the elites perfected a system of ballot box stuffing that is undetectable and have employed it ever since

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First proper snigger of the day. Thank you.

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Uncanny. My to do list is: give Mrs F a hug, eat some leftover takeaway curry, watch Masterchef, get drunk again, fall into bed at about 11 probably.

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im drunk and angry my incompetent overwatch team mates. bet they voted tory

Genuinely thought my sense of humour was dead forever when I woke up this morning so I’m glad I’m still getting laughs. Lord knows we’re gonna need the laughs…


Just watched my good pal (and Labour councillor :fist:) Hywel absolutely rinse some chancers on Cash Trapped, good lad

Beer, pizza, essay

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Pretty sure I blew up a room full.of tories in modern warfare

Watching Gourmet Makes with a beer left over from last night, then off to see Richard Dawson. Some positive times to end the day.

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