It's A Sin (Channel 4 TV prog) (SSP)

So. Spoilers blurred please.

I’m utterly broken. Being only young in the late eighties, this largely passed me by - although with homosexuality only decriminalised in the IOM in 1992 there were many repercussions that I saw even as a teenager growing up.

Seen it? Thoughts?

Thought this was going to be a poll thread where we all say what is a sin/not

Haha. Good point updated the thread title.

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I mean it would’ve been a rollercoaster of a thread

if the subject matter wasn’t so…heartbreaking i’d usually do another thread but …doesn’t feel appropriate rn.

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I think it’s best not to :smiley:

To answer your question, yes I’m going to watch it - will be interested to see what it’s like

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Not watched it yet but will be. The government information films at the time absolutely terrified me (I was quite young, 10 in 85) so didn’t really understand what was going on fully but by fuck they were brutal films.

I’ve only watched the first episode. Thought it was very good.

It’s all up online isn’t it so in theory I could watch it all right?

I became a teenager in the 80s and by the early 90s (CW:death) a couple of acquaintances had died of AIDS. Grim times. Finding myself braced for awful things to happen in this series.

I’ve seen this advertised and have cowardly filed it under “watch when I’m more resilient” cause I’m not sure I can right now


Me and I May Destroy You

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Yeah there’s no way this doesn’t have a horrible death early on then probably a scarier one later on like all russel t davies dramas (not a spoiler, a guess) and I JUST AINT READY FOR THAT atm but it looks great.

Christ, I can’t get my head round that :frowning:


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Really enjoyed the first ep and looking forward to the rest. Caught some of an interview with Russell T Davies on bbc breakfast last week and he seemed like a really dece bloke

Enjoyed maybe the wrong word.

I talked about it briefly on the TV thread but yes, really thought it was great. Episode 3 is titanically good (and heartbreaking).

Was waiting for this! I watched it all in one go. Enjoyed it as I do most of RTD’s stuff, but I did have a few minor qualms

[spoiler]i thought it borrowed pretty liberally from other stuff. Colin’s death - ie the unassuming one of the group getting it from sporadic encounters - was lifted from My Night With Reg. I saw it coming a mile off. And the Tory MP stuff was pure Line of Beauty. It kind of fell into a wider issue for me that it wasn’t really telling a new story. I’ve watched a lot of HIV/AIDS stuff on stage, tv and film (plus wrote a dissertation on it!), and feel like I had seen it all before. I still found it emotionally draining (although tempered by the fact I binged it in one go - something I don’t tend to enjoy) but I didn’t come away with a new perspective of the era and the effects of the disease in the same way I did, say, The Inheritance or 120bpm. I hope this doesn’t come across as heartless as I did come away feeling lucky to be out and alive today, with an accepting family behind me.

Also the last episode went really off the boil for me. Keeley Hawes seemed to transform into Edina Monsoon!

I can’t help but be fond for RTD though. He seems generous, witty and aware of the importance of representation on screen.


And Jane Plough from Toast of London!

You need to spoiler each paragraph separately :slightly_smiling_face:

Might be too late to edit in which case @moderators

I’ve made a meal of it!