It's A Sin (Channel 4 TV prog) (SSP)

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I really don’t think that there’s a limited pool of gay actors.


I didn’t say that. I said if you’re casting for a role and only choose gay actors, then you will have a smaller pool of people from which to choose.

As a (part time, amateur) actor I didn’t really get this. Thought all of them were great in their own respects. Sure there were some standouts - and maybe that’s what made the others look a bit flat in comparison…


Yes! God I didn’t clock it at the time but so much this. References to “The Lady” felt really familiar from somewhere and I didn’t place it. Obvs that book isn’t the only place where Thatcher is referred to as that, but it was very very pointed in the context, now you mention it.

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It totally blows my mind. My last visit to the GUM clinic they handed me three boxes of PrEP. 99% effective and free on the. NHS.

I was talking to an older gay friend who’d had an HIV scare in the 80’s and his sexual health counsellor basically asked him if he really wanted to know his diagnosis or not, or whether he’d rather not know and try and live a normal life for as long as possible until his health declined (if it even did). That was the choice you had then.

We watched all of this recently and yeah, echo a lot of the above really. Think it was good with too many flaws to be great. Had issues similar to folks above with the choice of the main plotline, some performances, and some of the slightly too convenient plot points (my partner and I turned and rolled our eyes at each other when Olly turned up out of nowhere just as Jill’s being attacked by the policeman).

Didn’t really get across it’s timespan very well either imo. Like everyone and everything looked exactly the same at the start and end, and they were meant to be a decade apart. Just never felt like it was actually spread over such a long period of time.

But yeah, decent and touching, if people haven’t seen 120 BPM we saw that recently and I thought it was absolutely stunningly good (French rather than British but covers broadly similar ground)


Finished it last night.

I do think parts of the writing are a bit weak but the overall message to it is so strong and necessary that it doesn’t matter too much.

My main gripe would be Ash’s character was just there for most of it and I’d have liked to seen more backstory for him.

I was amazed how little I knew about the origins of the disease, I was unaware of even Clause 28. Unbelievable how recent that was. It also struck a cord just how little information was there for the public available. Colin being asked to get literature about it in New York City especially.

Colin also looked like a Poundland Alan Partridge


Thought it was good and powerful overall but I do agree with a lot of this