It's actually the evening now


:fish: + :broccoli: for dinner

(not really. salmon and asparagus. but there’s no emoji for that)

tried to book a spot in a yoga class but it was full. then I got home and the instructor text me to say a spot had opened up, but by that time I couldn’t be fucked with it.

having an oven pizza because ill and can’t cook.

Feel like fucking shit, mate. Going to watch sports and drink lemsip

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gws ap

:wave: Sitting on a train, still. Had a M&S dinner of cheese and celery sandwich but binned the little packet of :shrimp: because they’d been sat in my bag all afternoon and although probably ok I could do without being ill tomorrow. Trying to swot up on some highly technical stuff in case I get asked questions tomorrow.

Do you feel like you’re getting better/easier at yoga? I really want to do it but I am beyond inflexible and feel really intimidated about going to a class full of really good people. I need to find a beginners class.

this. along with some dinner and find a film to watch.

Actually it’s evening, I dont know what i’m scared of

Bored as fuck, ill, hot. Fuck off.

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It follows is on Netflix now if you’ve got Netflix and not seen it

only done a couple but feel better for it. the saturday one i go to is really beginner friendly. you should come along!

(I’ll be in manc this saturday tho)

Not sure I want someone I know to see how inflexible I am :neutral_face:

Hi Japes et al

Got home from work to find out we were straight off to the docs with the baby. Didn’t even get out of the car everything is fine, just a check up/check for dry skin/eczema. So having a wee sit down.

Having spiced sweet potato and carrot soup for tea. Operating on an hour’s kip is shit, so gonna have a few beerz and go bed early

is that the sex film thing?

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6 day old mole is fine, right?

would be surprised if you’re worse than me but tbh I’m so busy trying to do it i dont notice what anyone else is doing

hope you get some kip rt

It is. Its a very good 90 minutes of slightly silly, slightly scary, genuinely good film

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Added water to my dinner from the last two nights and blended it up so now it’s soup instead.

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Iplayer, even, not netflix

So do I. Last night was bleak. Hats off to any parents that deal with that every night