It's almost Raffle season (new polls post no.40)

I guess we will also need a new volunteer to hold the ticket money this year.

If I can get a second device set up a might draw some on zoom, though you’d mostly be watching me typing on my phone.

Did someone mention my name??


Official mascot

Quite a split between late November/early December, though the weekday option seems very popular.

Will look at my calendar later for some perspective dates and we can start figuring out a timetable as they’ll have to be enough time built in for the prize donation and ticket buying stages.

Also need to solve the who holds the money issue, I don’t feel comfortable doing it because it could have benefits ramifications having the extra sum in my account.

I still owe raffle prizes from 2019 & 2018


soz @BargainMax @AQOS

I am a bad man

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you got the instrumental version though right?

i sure did and i played it the other day actually, i was bopping

So hyped for this, I love Rafflemás so much

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really must finish the lyrics some time

just listening now actuallty…fucking hell that’s a lot compression and the crashes are mixed WAY too loud


I’m happy to hold the money

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Great, I’ll out it to a poll if that is ok?

Is everyone happy for @the_ravens to hold the money raised from the raffle while tickets are being bought and until it is donated?

  • Yes
  • No

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Poll issues, sorry

Edit: poll issues solved

To my shame I’ve been too anxious to partake in this in the past but this time I am IN.

Not sure I can offer anything as a prize unless people actually want Countdown lessons


My last prize ended up being really difficult to find time to actually fully make (apologies to Aphex and I do actively plan to finish it) but i do have a weird idea for this year that is workable and suited to anyone who can play cassette tapes

The Mute Branches Archival Mystery Tape!!!


Better start taking some good selfies…


More polls!

Preferred raffle dates:

  • 24-25th November
  • 1st-2nd December

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Preferred donation split (anon)

  • 50/50 DiS/charities
  • 70/30 DiS/charities
  • 70/30 charities/DiS
  • 50/30/20 DiS/charities/Hardship Fund
  • 50/30/20 charities/DiS/Hardship Fund
  • Other combination (please suggest)

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Looking forward to this. I feel some of my sauces weren’t quite up to snuff last year as I was a bit preoccupied with getting married (in hindsight I may have been a bit ambitious participating at all tbh) but this year I’m probably gonna be stuck indoors with nothing to do but sauce it up.