It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia



so many shady choices and the ‘best episodes’ last page (except for Mad Day, one of the greatest episodes ever made) is full of real ‘what the hell?’ moments





Oh this is one of my favourite bits in the whole entire show ever



I’d not have the waterpark episode anywhere near this and have either Desperately Tries to win an award or Dines Out, but otherwise a solid and agreeable list



holy shit, mac’s been hitting the gym/steroids


Ryan Reynolds with a beard drawn on with sharpie


he finally stopped cultivating mass and started harvesting


That Fight Milk finally paid off


preferred Fat Mac


do we know when it’ll be out on Netflix in the UK yet? I’m about halfway through season 11 so hoping to get up to date in time for this


I haven’t seen anything, but this year’s season of Archer (another FXX show) has only just come on Netflix having premiered in April, so might be a while if this is a similar situation


It’s usually about a year or so iirc


itl be easy to find online on other sources


Fucksake im already cracking up at Dee’s entrance in that trailer



Rob/Mac trains jits. He was doing a private session with my proffessor before class. He’s a good guy.


cool! was it yourself who trains under hodger?

yeah i heard i was into matial arts stuff, spent a week living at Cerrone’s Ranch For Silly Men a while back or something.