It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia



Yep! Hodger and Uncle Renzo!

haha, yes Cerrone’s weird Koresh compound for dudes! Apparently Mac and Henry Cavill do private sessions with Garry Tonon at Renzo Gracie NYC when they are both about, which is great and weird.


oh man i want to see superman imanari rolling general zod now


hahaha, having trained with him, he’s not there (yet)! He’s a big dude though, with a decent top/mount game!


Last year the season ran January to March in the US and was added here in May.

So probably early next year.


May next year. What?

This is how old?:

And they’re still fucking about with delayed regionalised releases. For what conceivable reason? Divs.


That article is about the last season. I posted it as a bit of context. If this season runs September through early November in the US then I expect it to appear in full on Netflix in late December or early January. That’s fine.

As for the rest: give a shit? Big shows air the day after. Even if they’re not available on a streaming service CEX has devalued DVDs to the point of being almost worthless.

Compared to the 90s or even the early 00s we do fine.


i never watched this but i started watching it the other day. the first episode is about how they dont want to appear racist, but actually they end up really homophobic? it was horrible. is this actually good? it seems really shit from that first episode


Wade Boggs II: Electric Boogaloo


the first season is very much in the vein of that sort of post-Gervais sort of semi-ironic edgy humour iirc, pretty much as soon as Danny De Vito becomes part of the main cast, it becomes a lot more interesting in terms of what it’s doing.

Not to say you’ll like it, but it becomes based on pushing how awful they are to absurd levels, rather than the humour being just based on them being bad people, if that makes sense.


I always advise people to skip the first series and go straight to season 2. There’s still a chance you won’t like it but it’ll give you a much better idea of if it’s something you’ll like


it was like they were trying to do that edgy ironic thing about racism, but actually didn’t realise the episode was really homophobic. i guess it’s a bit gervais-y, but horrible modern day gervais not good office gervais when he was working with stephen merchant


don’t watch it then :man_shrugging:


if it’s any help, i got the DVD of season 1 years ago and couldn’t even be bothered to watch all of that as it didn’t seem very good, but as i ended up seeing lots of clips on YouTube etc. from other seasons i ended up persevering and once i got to season 2 i’ve been blasting through it.

so yeah, as already said, might be worth skipping season 1 and if season 2 doesn’t do it, at least you tried.


maybe give one of the episodes on that nme list up thread a go? still might not be for you ofc but might give you a better idea of what it’s all about when you see it at its best


this is a good shout, because (and this is one of the good things about it, imo) it’s not one of those American sitcoms where they mess it up by forcing explicit arcs in a genre (the sitcom) that really doesn’t require them


Definitely skip season 1. That’s the case for loads of good American sitcoms. By loads I mean 3 (this, parks and rec & The Office)