It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia




I started watching from the beginning and didn’t really get it, after a while I just started watching random eps from the best of lists that are around and got more out of it, it’s kind of cartoonish in that continuity rarely seems to matter.



idk there’s a lot of other tv shows. cba with shows where people are like oh it gets better after three series or just watch the good ones! they’re good! think it’s prob not for me and based on the first ep idk how it got picked up :man_shrugging:




I like the show but I’m pretty sure there’s quite a lot of bad stuff in it especially in (but not just in) the earlier stuff. I think it get less nasty as it goes on and they deal with things in a less ha ha look at this less privilege group in society, to haha look at this group of weirdos in this pub.
I’ve not watched the last few series. I cant remember how they deal with the Dennis sexual assault stuff but that sticks out as being a constant thing.

Yeah not watched it for a long time to give a very good opinion but there’s lots of funny stuff in it without being horrible too


I definitely remember sitting in a room watching it with people and after a joke looking at each other like “…hmmmm…ok”







Said it before in this thread, but a shuffle on Netflix for IASIP would be brilliant




Agreed, S1 is not a refined starting point. Some of the recent dickbike-type Macjokes seem a bit hmmm. And the Cricket thing wore pretty thin a long time ago.

Other than that, generally amazing.


The dickbike episode did contain a really lovely and well-considered coming out scene I thought


It’s great bc continuity doesn’t matter, but if you look into it, there is a stupid amount of work into making little details incredibly consistent. See: the long running joke of Rickety Cricket becoming gradually more horrifyingly ravaged each time he appears


I like the odd mentions of crack where Dennis & Dee being to their past addictions.


I think it’s amazing and that you will like it!

Can’t think of a specifically good jumping in point - series three, four, five are pretty damn good I think