It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia



First episode of new series is online already…


Ooooooh, thanks for the heads up


Really enjoyed the first episode. They have the physical movements of their characters so perfectly ingrained now. It makes me think of Coogan and Partridge in how much they inhabit the characters.

Is it me or do they all look like they’ve had some work done? Rob McElhenney is outrageously shredded.


Rob looked a little fat





In the latest episode, McElhenney repeatedly attempts to get other characters to notice his new muscles, serving no story purpose whatsoever.



Jesus what an episode. I love Dennis’ psychopathy.


so Dennis is in the new season then?


yeah this was fantastic i thought


think its been really strong compared to the last season :+1:


“Be gone from me you soy boy beta cuck” :laughing:


The fight scene at the end :smiley:


Haven’t watched the new season yet but this kind of thing is exactly the reason I fucking love this show


His bizarre strength and sudden happiness with his sexuality have turner Mac into the best of the bunch by an absolute mile.



First episode from the season I’ve liked. Absolutely brilliant.


This should be the only show on TV allowed to make political/topical commentary


Loved the escape room episode, was real top shelf sunny imo. Really hoping wade boggs 2 picks up a bit. 1 is probably one of my favourites. Seems like a riff on ghostbusters 3 lol