It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia



‘jump this manhole’ :joy::joy::joy:

Also Charlie got skills on that bike


Where y’all watching this, what’s it on?

Or is it… yknow. :wink: :computer: :wink: etc


It’s a wink wink from me, doesn’t air in the UK and I’m not waiting until May for Netflix. Will be rewatching multiple times on there though


thanks pb you lovely handsome man, i shall wink wink :heart:


what’s the verdict on this season so far ?? I’ll likely binge em once they’ve all been aired


Only one dud out of 6 so far, 3 excellent ones


have found stuff to enjoy in all of them so far but which one we calling the dud? the latest one?


I enjoyed ep 2, loved ep 4, enjoyed ep 6. The rest have been patchy at best, and I thought the Boggs one was just straight up bad.

I’ve long been a latter-day Sunny apologist, but this season feels really weak to me.


Wade Boggs 2


Actually painful to watch :frowning: was rooting for it to be brilliant


I think my favourite thing from the last few seasons is the fact that the gang has an arbitration scheme. Mentioned in Charlie work and Chardee MacDennis 2, not sure if it’s in anywhere else.


mac brings it up in charlie work as well, when he wants credit for the chicken / steak / air miles scam

edit: oh wait, you said that. as you were


Good stuff this week


lost it at the contest bit with the two jerrys, incredible


Frank with the legs. :joy:

just missing a roundabout.



Not sure they entirely pulled this week it off but always really appreciate it when they go for a more conceptual episode. The Contest and the long legs were both brilliant.


Felt Community did timelines and clip shows much better tbh. The Contest bit was fine but was the only real laugh in the episode for me.


WOW! That was out of nowhere and brilliant!


it was amazing. they really had me for the first two thirds, thinking ‘fuck this’. and then boom. astonishing.