It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia



Mad that by subverting their own show Sunny just completely outdid all the sitcom deconstruction that Louie attempted.


Suddenly feels like a masterful 5 season long game





Enjoyed that very much


I’m about 2 or 3 episodes off the latest one- should I stick with it? Not overly enjoyed this season tbh




just skip to the last one


There’s two super bowl related episodes which are :roll_eyes: but the last one is worth it


woah, that episode wasn’t particularly funny* but fucking hell it was unexpectedly beautiful. the dance is incredible, danny devito’s reaction almost equally so

*always forget that mac’s name is ronald macdonald so it never fails to make me laugh when it comes up


Did not expect that at all, wow :cry:


Can I suggest you spoiler this?


hi @moderators, can you blur that please, ta


Oh wow, was totally caught off guard by that ending! Truly magnificent. Hats off to Rob McElhenney for this season - the dedication that he puts into this show (with the body building and the rehearsing for that unbelievable dance sequence) is inspiring!

Overall this season was pretty hit and miss but when it’s good this show steal shines. Highlights for me were Time’s Up For The Gang, Mac Finds His Pride and The Gang Solves The Bathroom Problem. Looking forward to seeing what they can come up with for Season 14.


love times up when charlie says ‘okay. six. i have had six beers’ and you see him turn his head because he wants to lose it for a second :smiley:


Aha I don’t recall that! It was just one of those episodes where Sunny dealt with the subject matter perfectly and making the characters sweat by pointing the flashlight on them for all their various misconduct was hilarious.


yeah it’s really solid. dee turning into a weapon is fantastic


season 13 coming to UK Netflix on January 6th :eyes:




Can anyone actually see it on there?

I can’t.