It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia



I reckon Always Sunny has the worst recurring peripheral characters of any comedy series tbh. Pretty much none outside the main cast are decent.


Their schtick is always just being a bit whacky and gross


That last episode was really something huh


have been watching this season in an all-over-the-place order (thanks to this thread). enjoyed the first of the 2 super bowl episodes - second one not so much. the best bit was finding out that rob, kaitlin and danny were actually there when the eagles won!


that’s probably what won me over the most about that second part tbh, that and the compilation of celebrations was a rare moment of unambiguous warmth and sincere affection towards Philadelphia


o rly


uncle jack and mac and charlie’s mums were brilliant characters for the first pick a number seasons. got flanderised though.


yeah the bit in the credits of the episode shot on a phone is actually rob celebrating - there’s a longer video on his instagram that shows the final play of the game, i think kaitlin’s filming