It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

I reckon Always Sunny has the worst recurring peripheral characters of any comedy series tbh. Pretty much none outside the main cast are decent.


Their schtick is always just being a bit whacky and gross

That last episode was really something huh

have been watching this season in an all-over-the-place order (thanks to this thread). enjoyed the first of the 2 super bowl episodes - second one not so much. the best bit was finding out that rob, kaitlin and danny were actually there when the eagles won!

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that’s probably what won me over the most about that second part tbh, that and the compilation of celebrations was a rare moment of unambiguous warmth and sincere affection towards Philadelphia


o rly

uncle jack and mac and charlie’s mums were brilliant characters for the first pick a number seasons. got flanderised though.

yeah the bit in the credits of the episode shot on a phone is actually rob celebrating - there’s a longer video on his instagram that shows the final play of the game, i think kaitlin’s filming

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This latest series was OK - I’m trying to remember highlights, and I only watched them all this week, but ‘Time’s Up’ was probably my favourite overall episode.

The ending of the last episode - unexpected and well put together sure, but just a bit meh.

Most of the episodes had one great bit in - like when the guys sit around discussing their treaty in ‘Escapes’ or when Frank appears in ‘Ladies Reboot’ - plus ‘New Wheels’ and ‘Bathroom Problem’ were on the stronger side, but the opener, ‘Ladies Reboot’ and ‘Home Alone’ especially fell very flat for me. And I dislike motherfuckin’ clip shows - doesn’t matter how they are done, it won’t win any love from me…

But maybe it’s me that’s changed? It makes me feel a bit sad that I don’t really enjoy Always Sunny like I used to.

Finished the series last night.


I dunno, I had some of the same opinions but - watching back some of the random episodes has had me in pain with laughter. But then, I think it’s a show that benefits a more shuffled style of viewing where I gravitate towards my pool of classics (of which there’s always at least a handful per season)


Think I’ll watch the old ladies sitcom one tonight

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Rubbish season

No u

Should’ve left it a day so I could do the “like the film” joke

That was a good thread

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Finally got round to watching the last season. Absolutely loved the dance at the end.

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Gettin ripshit on ham

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