It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

that is brilliant

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New season starts 25th September

hope it’s better than the last one. seems a bit quick?

Last season premiered early September ‘18.

But I think you’re right on it feeling quick, I wasn’t expecting anything until next year. Did all their other projects get canned?

Maybe just because it took two years for the last season to materialise. Or maybe they just want to get their commitment to FX done so they can all move on with their lives. (I hope they never move on)

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For some reason I always think the end of ever series is the last one they’re doing but then they make another. Dunno why I always think that.

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saw about ten minutes of that thing with sweet dee in it, seemed to just be a worse version of iasip.


I like how Dennis looks like Mark Samdman


Far too distracted by Little Simz hear a word of that

that was just 1 minute of yelling and screaming

can’t wait for it to drop

dennis permanently looks like he did in that scene when he dyed his hair to look like superman and had an acid skin peel these days

another great sentence I’ve written there