It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

it’s fine, i’m sure boggs ate some rum and cokes too

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They got chicken in Philly?


Anyone taking a punt on S16? Looks like they’ve brought back Rosell for writing an episode, which gives me some hope

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It’s not streaming in my locale but I’m watching s15 at the moment for the first time and…I’m not loving it.

Whenever they mention Rosell on the podcast, it’s in the context of him having come up with their best jokes/moments, so I’m holding so e hope for 16…

Will probably give it a chance, but it is starting to feel like a slide into zombie iasip. It had a marvellous run, but since the whole Dennis wobble (and maybe that season too) it has been getting a bit ricketty

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Yeah, I mark this is as the beginning of the end too. It kinda makes it hard to watch that season knowing he didn’t really want to be there

Been catching up with the podcast and in case you were wondering whether it had jumped the shark, there’s an entire hour-long episode given over to charlie and dennis discussing the films they were in recently like they were citizen kane


have decided that season 7 is worthy of inclusion in golden era sunny

I feel like E01 was actually… Quite good? Got some good laughs from every character, it didn’t feel aimless… wow

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New season is on Netflix.



Low low expectations

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Watched a few. It’s better than 15 from what I’ve seen so far.

hahaha! Yeah, i’ve very much dropped out of the podcasts but i randomly heard the one with Randall Einhorn and it was great. Really interesting guy.

The latest season is much better than the previous couple, but thought the last episode was a real stinker.

Watched it yesterday - really enjoyed the Cranston / Paul ep and the bowling one. 8 episodes was plenty, though.

Just burned through 4 episodes on dinner SINNED bit maybe the 1st genuinely belly laugh thing they have done for ages.

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Frank and Charlie have a why? poster as my expert photography shows.

This is probably old news and I’m not scanning the thread to find out

Dennis is a mate of Yoni Wolf irl I think

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DiSer confirmed


just really weird watching them still playing these characters. it also feels like they can’t really play them anymore.

a lot like Coogan with Partridge, except with much worse writing

will give it a go, but it’s impossible to suspend disbelief at this point