It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia



Love this show so much. Can’t wait for Netflix to get the new season. It’s a great show to have a bulk of new episodes to watch.


Used to like finding new episodes right away but can wait until Netflix get them


Does anyone have a good stream link please?


can’t believe i’m still watching this after it peaked about 6 years ago (probably earlier)


I’m very on and off with this show - but been watching it loads recently - I’m up to season 10

still finding lots to like


sometime it can make me laugh LOADS, like this bit:

but I can take it or leave it mostly


have you found one?


The new episode is brilliant


Loved the kid floating face down.


Also the Charlie and Dennis bit. ‘You doing a fake daughter thing?’


not seen this week’s yet, last week’s was pretty good although i always prefer the less gimicky episodes so looking forward to seeing how the rest goes.

i seem to be a minority as i didn’t think it really went downhill until season 10 (which i’ve seen other people call a return to form, strangely) aside from the occasional dodgy episode around 8 and 9. thought the last season had a couple of shiters again (courtcase, Being Frank) but was pretty decent overall. happy to have more but they should probably lay it to rest soon enough (it’s been renewed for another 2 seasons though)


he dead though


in terms of characters i think Charlie actually put me off the show a bit at first. i like him now but he’s definitely too ‘wacky’ to ever be my favourite. always been a Dennis man and Glenn Howerton’s gotten increasingly good at playing him over the years and bringing out more and more of his psychopathic side.

also Dee’s physical comedy is amazing


Hahahah yeah thats one of the bits I mentioned to my mate. So good


Rarely watch episodes more than once but I think this week’s really justifies it


[quote=“Icarus-Smicarus, post:51, topic:10346, full:true”]
a couple of shiters again (courtcase, Being Frank) [/quote]
Heh, hate the courtcase (and the McPoyle stuff in general really), but I think Being Frank is one of my favourites :laughing:


Agreed with that. I hate the McPoyles too, don’t find them funny but loved Being Frank

“Pondy’s the best!”


The last half a second of the most recent episode saved it from being v.bad


I quite enjoy Liam McPoyle now - they have been overused though and work better in minor appearances. Worst thing about the courtcase ep is it didn’t even have the main/good McPoyles in it so what’s the point?


You’re all mental the court case was one of the best episodes of last season
Don’t even trip dog