It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia



The new episode is a bit weak


Not a classic. but still a few laughs. I love the idea that Dennis has created every episode of the show himself.


one of those shows where I’d rather rewatch the really good episodes rather than bother with the new ones


increasingly, sadly, this


I watch the new ones, think they’re pretty good, then rewatch a couple of older ones and remember how much better it was


i also go looking for something specific thinking it must be season 5/6 and realise that 90% of the best episodes are in the first four seasons and 8% of them are in seasons 5/6, with the rest dotted throughout the latter.


I just prefer the shows focused around the gang really! Frank was really underused too

think this new ep was a better sub-plot than a whole show


The latest episode kind of reminded me of ‘The gang desperately tries to win an award’ with them lashing out at tired and old sitcom traits but it wasn’t really done with enough vemom and just came across as a bit lazy with them referencing and recapping old story lines.

I mostly just enjoyed them sitting about eating chips…


One of my favourite episodes, that.


thought this was a little more sly than that.

“he was never going to hit her! hahaha! but the THREAT was always there!”

i suspect Americans will find more from the context of this episode than brits ever will


Mine too! A great later season highlight!


still really funny, most of the time. haven’t seen the latest episode yet, but I’ve been through 7-10 a few times.


Hmm It felt like the target was much broader than in ‘Desperately tries to win an award’ because taking pops at shows with laugh tracks and music cues, just seems like shooting fish in a barrel…

I loved how nasty and scathing the digs were in desperately tries to win an award particularly at the US office but also the (slightly) more subtle nods to shows like Louie and The Wire.

I was glad that that they brought up that Honeymooners catchphrase though as it’s downright appalling to think that was ever considered funny…


trying to remember how long the gap is between the series airing and coming on UK Netflix. Such a good show, man


I guess i mean, i think, that the banal laugh track comedies are just so much more loved in the states than they are over here. like to us there’s what, Friends, Big Bang and HIMYM. But on any given channel over there there’s at least 10 of that ilk. It’s much more ingrained as culture there maybe?

So when they do the whole ‘it tells me when to laugh’ it’s kind of taking a shit on millions of people at once who soak all those terrible sitcoms up while shoving chips into their mouths.

I love the award episode, almost entirely for charlie’s emergence from the basement.

You put me IN the basement. So I GOT high


old episodes man. hints of Dennis being far odder than at the time was clear

"that was very brave of you Denni-


I think it’s quite woven into our mainstream comedies over here though too? I mean especially on the BBC with Mrs Brown’s Boys, Citizen Khan, Miranda etc? I know two of them are performed in front of live audiences but surely there’s cues? And take a show like House of Fools that is openly taking the piss out of this format, barely gets given a second series…

But I do agree that laugh track comedies are probably ten a penny over in America so maybe it is bold to openly shit all over them. Its quite funny to think that Sunny has outran all those shows mentioned above in longevity and the actors involved aren’t being paid a million dollars an episode just to show up. Even if its week after week of failed experiments, at least the Sunny actors clearly still get a kick out of playing these characters and enjoy what they do.


Yeah absolutely. I think what it’s easy to forget is that a bad Sunny is still on a par with with the better episodes of most comedy shows


Exactly :smile: - though I always thought they would stop at eleven seasons, just to go one better than Seinfeld! Also as long as Day, Howerton and McElhenney write at least one episode per season, you know you will at least have one classic to rewatch!


Oh my episode 4 is SERIOUSLY bad, gunna watch ep. 5 now but this series hasn’t been good at all so far