It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia



I’m about half way through season 3.

I really like the theme music :+1:


That bike - WOW :smile:


Frank is still being way underused in this


He was probably my favourite thing about the making a murderer episode…


This week’s is one of my favourite ever episodes. I laughed non-stop for 20 minutes.


Started watching this this week. The ease of watching to amusement ratio is incredibly favourable. Like it.

Is it me or does the blonde lass in it bear a resemblance to our very own ‘Scottish Lawyer Woman’ poster? (Former poster :frowning: )


yeah hes great! but hes only getting a few lines per episode it seems


Hmm he had a fairly big part in that rubbish Wolf Cola episode but yeah other than that he’s only been used sparingly…


Been getting into this recently; it’s alright yeah. Charlie is the best. Stand out eps have been the fight one and dumpster baby.


quite enjoyed ep 4 meself. the musical is the only one i haven’t really enjoyed that much this season, think it’s all been to a decent standard otherwise so far, moreso than the last couple of seasons. no real absolute classics though


“Just to get a base


Remembered this and could not stop singing this to myself last night… and now :smiley:


people always say it’s not as it used to be


The fuck is that latest episode? Far too much going on and really muddled and bad.

the whole VR story line felt so rushed and pointless and I don’t really understand the relevance of it


Thought this was one of the best episodes of this season!


The payoff at the end was almost worth it, but I agree. A bit of a mess this one.


After the utter car crash of season 8 i’ve stubbornly kept away from new episodes. Pretty much everything up to and including season 6 is brilliant telly though.

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Ha, I think we started watching at exactly the same time. I watched an episode about a year ago and wasn’t impressed. Watched again recently and now I’m loving it. Enjoying working through it, and have heard such different opinions on how it gets better or worse that I’m not overly put off.


If you do decide to watch some later ones, these are all brilliant. Season 8 was the worst of the lot imo

“The Gang Broke Dee”
“The Gang Tries Desperately to Win an Award”
“Charlie Work”
“Chardee MacDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo”
“Mac & Dennis Move to the Suburbs”
“The Gang Turns Black”
“The Gang Goes to a Water Park”
“Hero or Hate Crime?”


there’s some really good episodes in season 8 tho

season 10 was easily the worst for me