It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia



i HAVE seen

the gang broke dee - did not enjoy this at all :frowning2:
gun fever too hot - iirc it was another lazy episode rehashing older plots
charlie work - i did watch this before following yr earlier recommendation and i thought it was decent


it seemed to be very lazily written and full of reused plot elements from earlier episodes, basically “the gang recycles their trash” stretched out over an entire season.


wasn’t really into this episode until the pretty wonderful payoff


these two are essential


the gang essential turns up the laughter?


Yes! Two of the best






it’s rather unsubtly the focus of the episode, at least


I mostly liked that last series. Charlie managing to have sex with the Waitress was odd, though.


It’d be weird if like Community the show started to hemorrhaging actors in its latter seasons.

I’ve not seen the two most recent episodes but overall season 12 has again had some cracking moments! Hero or Hate Crime and The Gang tends bar being personal highlights.


whole show would be utterly pointless without Dennis though i reckon


He’s probably much second favourite character after Mac but yeah a certain dynamic would be lacking (completely)…


Think this series has been lacking tbh


This ^ and weirdly I thought it was line that the show would never cross…


The Cricket episode was funny

give the series 5/10 tbh, not enough Frank


Haven’t seen the new series yet, just here to share this:


I must have watched this 25 times since you posted it. It’s absolutely incredible.


i think that much like Mac suddenly going huge for a while they’re quite conscious that if things are going to keep rolling they need to introduce pretty huge amounts of change to create new situations without fully jumping the shark.

Charlie in fatherhood is a good way of doing that and it would have felt odd to introduce a new character out of nowhere to facilitate that; i was surprised but i’m hoping it’ll inject something new into the mix


Hmm I’m not really with you on this, I’m afraid.

When Mac piled in the pounds, I remember an interview at the time with Rob McElhenney saying that this was a conscious choice to go against what he considered to be a sitcom norm where with each ongoing season, the actors in whichever show would look in better shape or pay more attention to their grooming routine or whatever and he wanted to go against this. Here’s the article:

So although yes this did create new situations / jokes to mined etc, it was only really a change for season 7. Mac’s gain only really still get referenced through those huge Hawaiian shirts that he still occasionally sports.

I think if we were maybe going to compare this moment (Charlie & The Waitress hooking up) to another development in the gangs dynamic it would be Mac’s acceptance of his sexuality which like Charlie’s pursuit of the Waitress has been running a joke since the (almost) beginning of the shows run. But I feel Mac’s reaction to coming out has developed in a very organic, completely Mac-esque which always felt like it was leading to this acceptance. With Charlie & the Waitress, she has always (and quite rightly) been repulsed by him and there’s never really been any signs that this would ever change…

I think what I objected to about Charlie actually sleeping with The Waitress, was that it a member of the gang actually getting something that they wanted which isn’t something any of them particularly deserve and more importantly from an audiences point of view - was it is even funny or amusing?

Me too (Obviously :sweat_smile:)! And but yeah I guess it will be interesting to see what route they take with this and the whole Dennis moving to Dakota ‘cliffhanger’ thing in the finale.